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About Us


Formally known as OTC SUPPLY established in 2002. Our goal and vision was for educational facilities in our industry. We realized there was need for a company for the schools, someone who understands the schools, and the needs of all the schools.

We started with distributing PIVOT POINT. As we grew across Canada, we realized we need to offer more for the schools. We search all over the globe to find a manufacturer of color and retail. All roads lead directly to ARTEGO. It did not take long before were across the country, dealing with schools from Victoria to Newfoundland.

It did not take long before we realize Artego was not only for schools, but this line needed to across salons all across Canada. This started our our next big growth, when we decided to start to distribute too salons across Canada, via distributors.

It did not take long for us to find distributors, and we had Artego in salons across Canada. We were very fortunate to find another brand that was Internationally recognized CRAZY COLOR, and before we knew it we had it in salons across Canada.

While riding the success of the other brands we were able to get the rights for one of the fastest growing brands in the industry TANGLE TEEZER, as as they say the rest is history.

We are currently searching the globe looking for our next success....