The purifying and relaxing pleasure of phytotherapy and aromatherapy.

The Easy Care T line employs the sensually exhilarating and therapeutic properties of medicinal herbs, extracts, and essential oils for skin and hair care. Positive feelings are awakened, pleasant memories are called back to life, and all the senses are united to create an inner feeling of well-being.

Our four Paraben-Free Treatments

Click picture learn more our treatment line

Click picture learn more our treatment line

DREAM. From dream to reality.

Four hair care products that allow damaged hair to be more radiant than ever before. This is thanks to the active ingredient keratin, and the silk proteins also contained in the ingredients


RESCUE. Visible results that inspire.

Achieve strong, healthy hair with the clinically tested active ingredients of Trichogen and Vitaplex.


CLARITY. The delight of always feeling good.

The dandruff treatment with instantly visible results starting with the first use.


BALANCE. In perfect balance - inside and out.

The innovative herbal mixture dissolves excess sebum, purifying hair and scalp thoroughly.